Modular Table Systems

  • Modular Tables
  • Office Desks
  • Cafeteria Tables
  • Workstations
  • Meeting Tables

Modular table leg systems are utilized as office desks, meeting tables and public spaces such as cafeterias. These modular table system comprises of horizontal beams that support the table top, as well as connect the legs to each other. This enables flexibility in table form while giving the table extra support.
The reason why these tables are called “Modular” is because they enable unlimited combinations for office desks, workstations and meeting table solutions. Each of our modular table legs can be attached to each other. This way, width and length of the table can be arranged by adding extra legs. L shaped forms can be made by perpendicular connection.
Our modular tables offer plinth feet under the legs, for leveling and adjusting the tables for uneven surfaces. Accessories such as modesty panels and PC holders can be attached on the table frame. The cable paths can be concealed by cable hole covers